Introducing Colour Simplified & The Graymondi Colour Collection

Picking the perfect colour has never been easier!

At Colour Land Paint & Decor, owners Peter & Tricia Raimondi along with their staff have created a one-of-a-kind Colour Environment displaying over 1300 colours all in real Benjamin Moore Paint. These colours include Colour Lands own propietary colour collection `GRAYMONDI` created by owner Peter Raimondi, the new Williamsburg Colour Collection, Historical Colours, Designer Classics, Colour Preview and Affinity Colour Collections by Benjamin Moore along with Benjamin Moores 2014 Colour of the year Breath of Fresh Air 806.

Colour Visualization Lighting

Colour is influenced by the actual light tempurature that is being casted on a surface. Light tempurature ranges from 2500k to 6500k, regular warm light bulbs range in the 2500k range where as natural sunlight ranges around 6500k. Now only at Colour Land a new lighting system can adjust the light tempurature to replicate the light source in your home. Come in and experience how a colour can change with the touch of a button.

As an independently owned store, we can offer you a level of service you thought no longer existed, while supporting your local community. We’re proud to deliver the kind of specialized attention and help that you simply won’t find in larger chain stores. Our store professionals are trained specialists whose experience and helpful advice will ensure the success of every project.

You’ll also find an array of superior-quality products, including premium Benjamin Moore® paints and stains, for all of your projects, simplifying your shopping in one convenient stop – our store!

   Home of Colour Simplified TM & The Graymondi Collection TM

Your space, your style, your Benjamin Moore. Everything you need to create an environment that you’ll love.

"Your space, your style, your Benjamin Moore. Everything you need to create an environment that you’ll love."

Benjamin Moore Products

Benjamin Moore Products

We offer a complete line of Benjamin Moore® products for virtually every project you have. From surface preparation products to a wide array of coatings in sheens and formulas for every requirement. Whatever the job demands, we have what you need.

Colour Trends 2016

Colour Trends

Introducing Color of the Year 2016, Simply White (OC-117), and Color Trends 2016. White is transcendent, timeless, its versatility unrivaled. Explore a colorful palette that celebrates the simplicity of white.

Colour Consultants

Colour Consultants

Why not use the skills and expertise of a Benjamin Moore professional colour consultant? Our experts can help you choose the right paint colours and techniques for an atmosphere that expresses your sense of style, so relax and hire a Benjamin Moore LINK Colour Consultant.